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  Are you a grandparent or Kinship carer that cares for relatives children full time ?
If the answer is yes ,then this site is for you.


  This website is for all grandparents and kinship carers that take on children full time: 

Our aims :-
1: To campaign for a change in policies within Government by highlighting issues that are unique to grandparents who are full time carers of their grandchildren.
2:To Campaign for a new type of allowance that will be paid to grandparents and kinship carers that are caring for children full time.this benefit to be on par with the present day foster allowances
3:To campaign for a full care package to be put in place on the arrival of a child or children.
4:To campaign for the rights of Grandparents to be given equal status as foster carers, and equal financial recompense
5 To interact with other grandparent support groups in Great Britain and maintain contact with other professional groups and people;

G.A.P. Is an independent family run organisation: we are not a charity: neither do we get funding from any source. All expenses incurred are paid for by ourselves, and membership of our group or forum is free!!

We  are now on facebook To become a fan use this link:  GAP Facebok  

  Our campaign group now has over 1170 members. do join our forum and help our campaign

  Did you know ?

As many as 1 in 10 grandparents may be looking after their grandchildren, they are not paid and the government doesn't recognise their important role as carers.According to research by Age Concern: Grandparent carers save the government  approx: four billion pounds per year

  This weeks email Thank you to all who have taken time to write .

Just one of the  many emails we have received this week !

Well done everyone at gap but I think that we are to complacent
what about a protest at the labour conference in september because -im sick of the way i have been treated   the trouble is were all to
scared----    were scared of the social services ----were scared of the kids
being taken off us ----but its about time we stop being scared its about
time we stould up for our rights    how dare they treat us they way they do
----  how dare they not pay us what we are worth  - im 100 percent behind
linda and  gap - i am ready to try and change the
law   --------is there anyone else who will stand beside me im sick of being
a doormat i want ---no i DEMAND to be treated fairly --

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